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Prevention, diagnosis and painless treatment of the ear, nose and throat diseases. The ENT consultation in Lviv. The ENT operations
Prevention, diagnosis and painless treatment of the ear, nose and throat diseases. The ENT consultation in Lviv. The ENT operations

When to make an appointment with the otolaryngologist?

The ENT doctor comes in handy in case of upper respiratory tract and hearing organs (ear-throat-nose) diseases. You need a consultation with a good ENT specialist if you have spotted the following symptoms:
  • nasal congestion, running nose that is difficult to overcome
  • pain, tinnitus
  • hearing loss
  • sore throat when swallowing
  • bleeding from the nose, ears
  • snoring and uneven breathing when asleep
  • change or loss of voice
  • reduction or disappearance of smell
  • pain in the upper jaw, in the paranasal sinuses
Stages of tonsillitis treatment and other ENT illnesses:
1. An appointment with ENT doctor.
You can make an appointment for a consultation at EXPERT hospital by phone or online using our website. If you have experienced the ear, throat or nose diseases before, bring a medical card with the records of the ENT treatment. During the consultation, tell the ENT specialist what bothers you. According to the results of the check-up, good otolaryngologist prescribes a treatment or sends for further examinations
2. Further examination
In order to confirm the diagnosis, patients may be recommended to undergo the following additional tests in our hospital: general blood test and laboratory tests, bacteriological cultures
    3. Treatment of ENT illnesses
    The ENT doctor of the EXPERT Hospital offers an individual treatment plan. Our qualified doctor will quickly and painlessly remove foreign bodies, help to get rid of sulfur plugs. According to medical indications and aesthetic reasons, the ENT surgery can be performed: correction of the nasal septum, trimming the uvula of the soft palate etc


    Cold plasma surgery or coblation (Eng. coblation, cold destruction). The basic principle of the apparatus is coblation (Coblation - Cold ablation) - a technique that allows to perform the removal of tonsils at temperatures up to 55 °C by the means of sodium plasma which is formed on a working surface of the electrode in the environment of NaCl. It neither causes heat damage to the tissue nor burn the mucous membrane of the pharynx and subordinate issues. It doesn't allow the development of necrosis. Application of coblation for performing adeno- and tonsillotomies can lessen the rehabilitation period and reduce the risk of postoperative bleedings.
    Advantages of coblation:

    • The postoperative period proceeds with less expressed pain syndrome in comparison to other surgical techniques.

    • Minimal blood loss during surgery.

    • Does not burn the mucous membrane of the pharynx and its subordinate tissues. Does not cause the development of tissue necrosis.

    • Flexibility of the working electrode enables performing necessary manipulations in hard-to-reach areas.

    • Recovery during the postoperative period is faster.

    • There are no age limits for manipulation.

    What is treated by an otolaryngologist
    Inflammatory diseases:
    • externa and media otitis
    • damage to the eardrum
    • deafness
    Diseases of the nose:
    • rhinitis
    • acute and chronic sinusitis
    • nasal polyps
    • sinusitis
    Throat illnesses:
    • sore throat
    • chronic tonsillitis
    • pharyngitis
    • laryngitis
    Other ENT diseases:
    • foreign bodies in the ear, nose
    • ENT injuries
    • deformation of the nasal septum
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